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Due to fire risk, please don’t barbecue in Islington’s parks until further notice

Islington Council is asking people not to barbecue in Islington’s parks until further notice, on advice from London Fire Brigade,

Because of the very hot weather, grass in many parks is very dry and across London, firefighters have already been called to six times as many grass fires as in all of 2017.

Fires can spread in short grass as well as long grass, and sparks from barbecues can set dry trees or bushes on fire.

The Fire Brigade says unattended barbecues are one of the most common causes of grass fires, and has today (Thurs July 26) asked all London boroughs to put a temporary stop on all barbecues in parks.

We’re following this advice, and are asking people please not to have barbecues in Islington’s parks, to cut the fire risk and help firefighters.

Please follow our parks officers’ advice if they ask you not to set up a barbecue, or to put out a barbecue.

This is a temporary move, and we will return to Islington’s usual barbecue policy when the grass fire risk reduces.