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Draft licensing policy includes measures to boost safeguarding of women and young adults

Islington Council is consulting on a new licensing policy, which includes plans to increase safeguarding measures for women and young adults.

The draft licensing policy sets out how the council will make decisions, how licensed premises are likely to be permitted to operate and how the needs of residents and businesses will be addressed.

The draft policy proposes retaining the Cumulative Impact Areas introduced in the current policy, slightly extending the King’s Cross Cumulative Impact Area and introducing a borough wide cumulative impact policy for off licences. 

Cumulative Impact Areas can be declared where there is a high concentration of licensed properties in one area so that stricter controls and limitations can be applied to new applications. Evidence to support the success of Cumulative Impact Areas includes research carried out by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The policy also proposes that venues include safeguarding measures in their operating plans for the protection of women and young adults, such as promoting ‘Ask for Angela’, an initiative that encourages any women that feel unsafe whilst on a date to go to the bar and ask for ‘Angela’ to be safely escorted out of the premises.

Executive Member for Community Development, Kaya Comer-Schwartz, said: “Our proposed new licensing policy will make Islington’s venues a safer place to be by taking further steps to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour as a result of late night alcohol sales. 

“It’s really important that local residents and businesses have their say on our new plans, so that everyone can be involved in ensuring that Islington is a safe place to be.”

To have your say on Islington’s Draft Licensing Policy please visit the website. The deadline for submissions is October 29.